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Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle is a castle on the northeast coast of England, by the village of Bamburgh in Northumberland. It is a Grade I listed building.

The site was originally the location of a Celtic Brittonic fort known as Din Guarie and may have been the capital of the kingdom of Bernicia from its foundation in c. 420 to 547. After passing between the Britons and the Anglo-Saxons three times, the fort came under Anglo-Saxon control in 590. The fort was destroyed by Vikings in 993, and the Normans later built a new castle on the site, which forms the core of the present one. After a revolt in 1095 supported by the castle’s owner, it became the property of the English monarch.

In the 17th century, financial difficulties led to the castle deteriorating, but it was restored by various owners during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was finally bought by the Victorian era industrialist William Armstrong, who completed its restoration. The castle still belongs to the Armstrong family and is open to the public.

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Low Newton by the Sea with Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle was built in the centre of a designed medieval landscape, surrounded by three artificial lakes. The curtain walls enclose nearly 10 acres, making it the largest castle in Northumberland. The most prominent part of the castle is the Great Gatehouse, a massive three-storey fortification, considered by historians Alastair Oswald and Jeremy Ashbee to be “one of the most imposing structures in any English castle”. Multiple rectangular towers protect the walls, including the Lilburn Tower, which looks out towards Bamburgh Castle, and the Egyncleugh Tower, positioned above Queen Margaret’s Cove. Three internal complexes of buildings, now ruined, supported the earl’s household, the castle constable’s household and the running of the surrounding estates. A harbour was built to the south-east of the castle, of which only a stone quay survives.

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Craster Harbour

Craster is a small fishing village on the Northumberland coast of England, near Alnwick. It has a small harbour and offers a view northwards along the rocky shore to the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle.

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